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Rose Water

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Pure Rose Water

Our rose floral water (also called Rosewater) is extremely versatile and commonly used in a number of applications. This product is clear to orange in color. Many of our customers add this to their creams and lotions instead of water. Our pure rose water is also commonly used as an aromatic face or body spritz. They also make an excellent linen spray and a simple way for the aromatherapist to enjoy the benefits of essential oils without spending a lot of money. It can even be added to a hot bath.

Important: Please note that this product may be sensitizing to some individuals. We strongly recommend that a patch test of this product be done on the skin before use.


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  • Love this water

    by Karen Young – 2nd Apr 2019

    This is the best rosewater I have bought! I got this bottle for my granddaughter because she loves how it smells on me! I mix it with glycerin and use it as a spritzer during the day for my face. I use it to spray my linens. There are so many ways to use this water. It is a great price and lasts a long time!