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Lavandin Essential Oils

  • Lavandin Abrialis Essential Oil | Lavandin Grosso Oil
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Product Description

Pure Lavandin (Abrialis) Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Lavandula intermedia var Abrialis Plant Part: Flowers Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Origin: France Description: Lavandin Abrialis is an aromatic evergreen shrub that is much larger than true Lavender. The flowering heads are more compressed with a dull, gray blue color. Color: Pale yellow liquid. Common Uses: Lavandin Abrialis Essential Oil is used almost exclusively for scent. Many commercial manufacturers use both Lavandin Grosso and Lavandin Abrialis as replacements for Lavender 40/42. However, it should be noted that Lavandin has a much rougher, camphor type fragrance that is not as well rounded as traditional Lavender 40/42. Consistency: Thin Note: Top Strength of Aroma: Strong Aromatic Scent: Lavandin Abrialis Oil has a strong, somewhat piercing camphor like smell with some light, floral undertones characteristic of Lavender. Cautions: Due to the high camphor content, Lavandin Abrialis Essential Oil should be avoided during pregnancy and by those with epilepsy.


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