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Angelica Root Essential Oil

  • Angelica Root Essential Oil
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Product Description

Pure Angelica Essential Oil

Other Names / Botanical Name: Angelica sinensis

Derived from the root of the plantExtraction: CO2 Extracted Country of Origin: China

Description: Angelica Root Essential oil is also known as Dong Quai or female ginseng, Angelica is a rather large hairy, biennial plant with leaves white flowers. It can grow 4 to 9 feet tall. Oils are commonly extracted by the CO2 method because it yields a larger amount of aromatic compounds from the root than any other known processes used in essential oil distillation. The distillation is done by pressurizing carbon dioxide (or CO2) until it becomes liquid. This liquid is than used as a solvent to extract the oil from the root. After the extraction is completed, the vessel is brought back to room temperature, and the CO2 quickly converts to gas, leaving behind a high-quality oil that is free of chemical solvents.

Benefits and Uses of Angelica Oil

Color: Reddish brown liquid. Consistency: Medium Scent: Angelica root has a peppery, rich, herbal, earthy, woody and musk odor. Note: Middle Strength of Aroma: Strong Common Uses: Also known as Dong Quai and Chinese Angelica. 

Cautions: Angelica Essential Oil is generally considered non-toxic but it is known to be photo-toxic. After any application to the skin, avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight for up to 12 hours. Avoid during pregnancy.


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